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November 19, 2017

Bingo balls are special type of numbered balls that players use when playing in any offline bingo halls. You can always come across bingo balls that are multiple colored and are printed with numbers and letters. The numbers and letters printed on these bingo balls can vary depending on the value. Bingo balls are coded by different colors and this generally depends on the reflections of the numbers and letters that are printed on them. When playing in any bingo hall the balls are marked with letters B, I, N, G, O and a combination of different numbers depending on the color code. The bingo balls that are marked with the letter B and a combination of numbers ranging from 1 to 15 are red in color. The balls that are marked with letter I are given the value of numbers ranging from 16 to 30 and are usually Blue in color. The bingo balls that are marked by letter N are assigned with values starting from 31 to 45 and are of color Yellow, and those that are marked by letter G are given the values from 46 to 60 are Green in color. Lastly the balls that are marked with letter O are given with values 61 to 75 are Purple in color.

You have to keep in mind that the color assigned to each letter might in fact vary depending on the hall and the brand but the letters and their values still remain same no matter where you play the game or in which part of the world you play the game. Most offline bingo halls make use of these bingo balls so the caller can try and select the number that is to be called out for the players. The caller generally select these bingo balls randomly manually or making use of blower bingo machine or even a bingo cage. This is performed by them so they are sure that the order of numbers that are called out may vary. When playing this game in any land based bingo hall, the bingo balls are placed in a special bingo cage which is designed for holding balls.

The cage spins the bingo balls and is designed to release one ball at a time for the caller. The caller is a person who then calls out this number aloud for the players and players can then mark the called out numbers on the bingo cards that they are provided with. So, the moment the bingo ball is used once then it is always set aside so the number is not repeated again in this particular game of bingo. So when playing any game of bingo, you can always assure that these bingo numbers are only called out once during the game. Callers also place these called out bingo balls in a special tray called as bingo tray. So the moment the caller calls out a number the electronic screen might also display this number or bingo ball on the screen so players can see which number has been called out.

When playing this game online over the internet, you might not come across such bingo balls, but in the online world a random number generator is made use of to select a number and a virtual voice calls out this number of players. When playing in the online world players might never even have to take the pain of marking the numbers as everything is done automatically on its own.


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