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November 19, 2017

When digging deep into the past history of bingo, we can find that the history dates back to around 16th century. The game ofbingo was first played in Italy and initially this game was termed as ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’. In the beginning of 18th century there were a number of Frenchmen who played a particular game named as Le Lotto which was also very much similar. Players initially made use of beans to cover all the numbers on the cards and also on the win. When playing this game the winning players would shout ‘beano’ and the game was very common in the country side.

To understand the fact how the game got its name we need to look much deeper into the history of bingo in more detail. There was a particular incident that brought into existence this name of the game. In 1929 Edwin S Lowe, a toy seller based at New York came across a number of people playing this game in Atlanta carnival. History proves that these people were deeply involved in playing the game such that the crowd had to be dispersed. Looking at the interest of the players Lowe managed to organize this game in New York in an event. When playing this game a player yelled ‘Bingo’ instead of yelling ‘Beano’ as he was very much excited with his win.

Right after this event the game managed to gain more popularity as Bingo and was played in most events and celebrations in US. In the present time this game has thousands of variations that are played all around the globe. People enjoy playing this game online and offline in different events and gatherings. Till date the game has managed to gain different forms depending on the rules of the game. With the development of the technology more and more variations of the game have been developed over the internet. Some of the best online bingo websites provide players with better graphical features. The modern version of online bingo makes use of better animations, graphics and bonus rounds. The organizers also try arranging for a number of world series tournaments for all players where everyone can participate and make their best win.

The game of bingo has a very long history and the game has also managed to travel a long way and is played in different parts of the world. People play this game for all excitement and fun and also with an aim that playing this game can in fact make them rich online. Some of the best Bingo websites also offer players with big winning amounts for participating in world tournaments. Even with different variations of the game the rules to play the game are fairly simple. A number of websites also provide with a chance where players can play this game for free without investing any money.


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