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November 19, 2017

Bingo is a popular game and so the game has managed to collect a number of fans around the globe. This is one reason why bingo has also managed to develop its own personal lingo so most pro and novice players can make use of this as a common language for communication due to wide diversities of players sharing a single bingo room. Here are a few bingo terms that most people around the globe make use of.

Access : each and every bingo hall provides players with an access hall or packet that players are requested to buy. This might vary depending on the type of hall you are playing at.

Ball elevator : this is a system that is made use of for lifting the ball and this is one feature that can also be use manually or automated.

Card : the term is used to refer to bingo cards.

Early bird game : these bingo terms are generally used for the very first play or game. This is generally the one that is played before beginning the session.

Hardway bingo : when players play a type of bingo that does not make use of free space in the line then it is termed as hardway bingo.

Inlaid card : a card that is of the format 4×4 and is also printed with different numbers. This type is also easy when placing on the table and a dick can be used to cover all the numbers.

Moonlight bingo : when the game of bingo starts at around 10 pm then it is termed as moonlight bingo by every pro player.

Money ball : a ball that is used to duplicate the winnings of the player. This is possible only if a bingo is hit with the number of the player.

On : a condition when a single number is left on the card of the player before he can actually hit bingo.

Reno night : this is a term that is used for a playing blackjack or any other casino game. So whenever playing online bingo players can at the same time enjoy other casino games.

Speed bingo : this is a type of super quick version of bingo game. This is one game in which you can always get bingo just within first three numbers.

Warm up : these bingo terms are used for a previous session game. It is very much similar to early bird games.

Wild number : this is a term that is used for the very first number that is called.

Wrap up : this is a term that is used for the last game of bingo for the day.

There are a number of other bingo terms that you can manage to find in a number of bingo websites online.


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