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November 19, 2017

For ages Bingo is one such game that is entertaining people around the globe in both online and offline bingo rooms. So as this game is gaining more and more popularity around the globe so more number of websites are coming up that offer players with wide variations of bingo games. Most website around the globe are doing this so more and more people around the globe can in fact play and enjoy this game. Most people around the globe live with all the charm and love of this game. There are different reasons why bingo and its variations always manage to stand out of the list and in the top most category of any online or offline casino or gambling games.

If you want to understand all reasons then you might have to try and play all variations so you can gain all that bingo experience. Players around the globe play and enjoy variations like 90 ball game, 75 ball game, 30 ball game and 80 ball game and many more. Each and every variation differs from other type in a few aspects that makes these games more exciting and thrilling. Players need to use different strategies to win in these variations. In 90 ball game, the cards that are used are numbered from 1 to 90 in a row. Players are requested to complete three separate patterns when playing starting from single line, double line or even full house. The players who completes any of the above stated patterns is declared as the winner of the game and is rewarded a prize.

As compared to any other variation of the game, 90 ball is most preferred and played, especially in Europe and Australia. When playing 75 ball game, players make use of cards that are numbered from 1 to 75 along with few blank spaces. In this game the cards or tickets have around 25 spaces which are distributed in between numbered squares. This is also a type of game that which makes use of different patterns when playing. 80 ball bingo game is one of the latest developments made with bingo games. In this type of bingo game the numbers called fall between 1 and 80. So when playing the players are generally expected to try and create a pre determined winning pattern in 16 x 16 so he can claim for his prize. When playing this particular game, you can always try making different types of pattern depending on the variations. The patterns may vary from cover all, 4 corners, horizontal, vertical or even diagonal lines. The patens are generally decided at the beginning of the game and each stage.

A 30 ball game is also called as turbo or speed bingo as this is one that takes small time interval to wrap up. The game involves 30 numbers or nine squares. One of the main disadvantages is that this game uses a single type of pattern to make a win. Players are expected to cover all numbers and the player who covers first is declared as the winner.


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