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November 19, 2017

Children and adults of all ages love playing bingo. We have a variety of ideas on how you can use this to teach, assess, and motivate.

This is the custom bingo sheet generator. This generator can be used to make bingo cards with the words of your choice. Bingo cards can be used for just about any content area to reinforce definitions, new vocabulary, math problems, even long thought out questions. In our website, you’ll be guided on how to have a free Bingo Card Generator, from which you will be using it when you play Bingo all around. It is a completely web based program for printing many types of bingo cards, including those with your own custom word lists. Since there is nothing to install, this site works with any recent computer and printer. Hundreds of people print bingo cards from this site every day, so chances are that it will work for you too!

Through this card generator, you can save your precious time. You can print bingo cards for an entire classroom on your normal computer and printer in mere minutes. Writing cards by hand takes hours — hours that you could better spend doing what you do best: teaching. Leave the busywork to the computer — it will make sure every card is scrambled and unique for you. You can also save your money through it. Don’t spend $10-$15 on buying single activities from traditional publishers — Bingo Card Creator can make an infinite number of activities! If you plan on playing bingo three times or more in your teaching career it’s much cheaper to print your own cards! And as we preserve our mother earth, we should save paper–you can print this in a one sheet of paper.

We strive to make it as easy as possible to print your Bingo cards. Most computers have the proper software installed, so this site should ‘just work.’ Plus, since we’re web based, you can print your custom bingo cards from any Internet connected computer. Start your designs at home and print them when you get to the office! You can even email your designs to your co-workers. We offer three sizes of bingo cards, one, two, and four cards per letter sized page. We also have a custom bingo card creation form where you can create unique bingo cards with your own word lists and other customizations. Custom cards are great for teachers, buzzword bingo, or party bingo. Our site has uni code support, for you, this means that many, many, languages are supported, including Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

You are welcome to try all the sizes and types of bingo cards. Each run generates new random bingo cards. Do not print multiple copies of the same bingo card file – you would be printing identical bingo cards! For the best results when printing many cards, we recommend using a laser printer and a paper cutter to create your own Bingo card sheets.

So, without further adieu, create some bingo cards.


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