What is Bingo

November 19, 2017

Bingo is better referred as a game of chance which dates back to 1500s. Initially this game was played as a game of lottery in Italy and this lottery system of Bingo is still a very popular game that is played by players both online and offline in the real world. The game that we term as Bingo was first adopted by France and Germany where it was made use of for teaching students, the basics of mathematics and language. During 1800s the game also managed to infuse entire Europe and then managed to step inside US in early 1900s where it is popularly known as Bingo till date.

Starting from the initial days the game has managed to attract a number of players due to all the excitement and fun and presently is also considered as favorite past time for most house wife and senior citizens. The game is also considered as best fund raiser on a number of events organized by charitable organizations, church and schools. One of the best things about bingo is that this game is easy to play and requires no developed skills. Anyone can learn to play bingo just within few minutes and you can play bingo online over the internet.

When playing bingo the only equipments required are bingo cards, markers, bingo balls and bingo cage. Bingo balls are numbered and the cards used are traditional cards with empty space and numbered spaces. You can also find special bingo cards that are used for teaching math and science to students at school. You can also find a number of bingo cards that are made for kids and has animal pictures printed on them. They can always be used to teach kids with a number of skills like language and names.

Each and every bingo player does have their own set of special bingo cards that they use for playing bingo. When playing bingo it is important that each player develop their own strategies to win. Presently bingo is gaining more popularity and is one of the main sources of entertainment. There are a number of international tournaments organized in the world of online bingo. The game is not only popular in US and Europe but has managed to reach a number of countries like Canada, Japan and even Australia. With the advent on internet most people enjoy playing bingo from the comfort zone of their home. When playing this game online, players can enjoy bingo chat and network. The game has wide variation and new innovations are adding to its database.


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